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Don’t get burned by inferior saunas, come to Sampo Sauna Ltd and get a custom sauna built by a company with over 50 years in the sauna and sauna heater business.

Our sauna heaters are manufactured in Canada in our own shop.

Sampo Sauna Ltd specializes in electric sauna heaters and has been manufacturing electric and wood burning sauna heaters for wholesale and retail customers for over 50 years. Our products and services range from custom built saunas and kits to prefabricated saunas. Our wet and dry sauna heaters are CSA approved.

When you order our products, here is what you can expect:

Electric heaters:
Our electric heaters come with a 5-year complete warranty. The heater is stainless steel and its outer shield is cool when running. It has a very large rock capacity and quick heating time. Our electric heaters are fuel efficient, which makes them easy on your electric bill. In addition to residential units, we sell commercial units for condominiums, health clubs and community centers.

Wood burning stoves:
Our wood fire stoves come with a 10-year warranty. If you order a wood burning stove with a water tank, the water tank has a lifetime warranty. The wood burners are made out of ¼ inch steel, which is very efficient for burning wood. The units can be fed from outside and inside the room. Outside comes with a 6-inch neck. Our wood burning stoves come standard with a galvanized heat shield. Stainless steel heat shields are optional.

Sauna kits:
We sell sauna kits of any size. Two variations are available: knotty or western red wood.

We can ship anywhere in the world! Our clients include residents of Canada, USA, Costa Rica, Malaysia, Russia, Israel, worldwide.

Get your new sauna or sauna motor from the Canadian company with over 50 years of experience and 44 years in the same location; call Sampo Sauna Ltd at (416) 691-2297.


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Custom made saunas and sauna heaters, made in our family owned business for over 50 years.
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